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Vajra Yogini Buddha Figur

Vajra Yogini (Tib. Dorje Naljorma) personifies the femal wisdom energy or emptiness. It is mentioned that Naropa, a famous scholar-saint, was havinbg the company of a dakini clled Naropa`s Vajrayogini. She is red of colour and is surrounded on all sides by the terrible burning grounds. She stands in the Alidha attitude, she rides on the corps. She is nude and has three eyes and round contorted brows, protudeing belly and tongue. She carries the kapala in her left hand and the vajra in her right hand, the khatwanga hangs from her left shoulder.She is said to be the consort of Herukacakrasamvara.She posses supernatural wisdom and power and can assist the practitioner of Vajrayana in elementating obstacles and obstruction to his practice. She can even confer great siddhi of liberation and omniscience. Yoginis have friendly faces and Dakinis wrathfull faces.

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