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Milarepa Buddha Figur

He was one of the most famous teachers of Kagyu sect and is greatly loved by tibetans. He was a most famous yogin and poet of tibet. He lived from 1040 to 1123. He used to wear only cotton cloth during cold weather hence he is called cotton-clad Mila. His father died at an early age and his uncle took away all his property. He was compelled to lead a life of slaves. For taking vengeance on his uncle he learned black magic. But later he renounced worldly pleasure and became a disciple of Marpa. He composed many poems. Milarepa is represented in many bronzes, seated on a gazelle skin on a seat (lotus). He is shown having with short curly hair dressed in monastic garnments. He is shown with raised right hand with fingers extended and palöm turned outwards behind his right ear as if he is listenening to the echoes of nature or singing his songs of realistion. His left hand holds a begging bowl.

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