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Thangka Dakini Vidyadhari

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Thangka Dakini Vidhyardhari-Akash-Yogini. Handgemalt auf Leinwand 127 x 95 cm mit Brikatgerahmt und unten mit Messing-Abschlüssen eingefasst, Innenbildgröße 49 X 70 cm.
Vidhyadhari is a spirit, or demigod possessed of knowledge or magic powers, she is one of the tantric group of four females, skilled in yoga. She has two arms and two legs. Her right leg is bent upwards at the knee so that she is not touching corpse that is lying face down beneath her. At the same time she has thrown her left leg so high that it is actually backwards. This performance shows that she is a slim young woman. She has a splendid crown, round earrings, chains round her neck and over breast and bends round her upper arms, wrists and ankles. From her shoulder hangs a long garalnd of human skulls. She has raised her left hand so if to drink from a bowl made out of a human skull with blood. In her right hand carries a chopper.


Gottheit Dakini
Format Hochformat
Thangka Brokat Rand