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Sarvabuddha Dakini  32 cm

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Sarvabuddha Dakini 32 cm

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Vajrayogini ranks first and most important among the dakinis. She is the "Sarva-buddha-dakini" the Dakini who is the essence of all Buddhas. Although there are a number of visual representations of Vajrayogini, certain attributes are common to all: She is mostly shown as young, naked, and standing in a desirous or dancing posture. She holds a blood-filled skull cup in one hand and a curved knife (kartr or dri-gug) in the other. Often she wears a garland of human skulls or severed heads; has a khatvanga staff leaning against her shoulder; her usually wild hair flowing down her neck and back; her face in a semi-wrathful expression. Her radiant red body is ablaze with the heat of yogic fire and surrounded by the flames of wisdom.


Produkttyp Statue
Farben Kupfern
Gottheit Dakini
Form Stehend
Material Bronze teil-feuervergoldet
Herstellung Feuervergoldung
Qualität Standard
Land Nepal
Größe 32 cm