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Bhimsen Statue 13,5 cm Buddha Figur

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Bhimsen Statue 13,5 cm Buddha Figur

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Buddha Statue aus Messing Bhima 13,5 cm
 "In the Mahābhārata Bhima is one of the central characters of Mahabharata and the second of the Pandava brothers. Bhima was distinguished from his brothers by his great stature and strength. His legendary prowess is celebrated in the epic: "Of all the wielders of the mace, there is none equal to Bhima; and there is none also who is so skillful a rider of elephants. In fight, they say, he yields not even to Arjuna; and as to might of arms, he is equal to ten thousand elephants. Well-trained and active, he who hath again been rendered bitterly hostile, would in anger consume the Dhritarashtra in no time. Always wrathful, and strong of arms, he is not capable of being subdued in battle by even Indra himself. Bhima a Maharati, capable of fighting 60,000 warriors at once, so mighty was he that when he were to roar in anger he would put to shame the proudest lion and frighten the most fearless warrior". He is known for following Dharma to the fullest extent possible. He is always referred to as second avatara (form) of Mukhya-Prana, the highest soul among the all living souls He was furious when the game of dice between his brother, King Duryodhana reached its final stages. Duryodhana told Draupadi to sit on his lap at which Bhima became enraged. He swore to himself and Duryodhana that he would crush those very thighs that he told Draupadi to sit on. But when Dushasana dragged Draupadi into the royal court by her hair and attempted to strip her in the court, Bhima swore that he would tear his chest and drink his blood also wash Draupadi's hair with it. During the second exile of the Pandavas, he visited Alakapuri and was blessed by Kubera At the end of their exile at the court of Virata he disguised himself as vallava and acted as a palace cook." Wikipedia


Produkttyp Statue
Farben Kupfern
Gottheit Bhimsen
Form Stehend
Material Messing
Herstellung Wachsausschmelzverfahren
Qualität Standard
Land Indien
Größe 13,5 cm