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Virudhaka Buddha Figur

Virudhaka is one of the four Heavenly Kings. Virudhaka (Tib. Phak Keyo) is the guardian of the South and king of malignant spirits. His body is red in colour. He shows a wrathful appearance. His right hand holds a sword. His left hand rest on knee if he is sitting. He resides in the middle of Sumeru mountain. He leads an assembly of Kumbhandas to serve as the guardian of Buddha dharma on the south direction.

These are the guardians of the four directions and four corners:

Dhrtarastra (Indra) the king of gods, presides over the east; Virudhaka over the south; Virupaksa over the west and Vaisravana (Kubera) the god of wealth, presides over the north.

They have the mission to protect Buddha from worldly threats and the world from demons.

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