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Vajravarahi rot 20 cm feuervergoldet Statue

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Vajravarahi rot 20 cm feuervergoldet Statue

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Tibetische Buddhastatue - Dorje Pagmo Vajravarahi rot 20 cm feuervergoldete Statue aus Bronze.
Vahravarahi (Tib. Dorje Pagmo), is considered as a form of Vajra Yogini/Dakini. She is associated with Chakrasambhava . She is red in colour and stands in satyalidha attitude on a reclining body of Bhairaba in dancing posture. She is one faced and three eyed, dishevelled hair is marked with six auspious symbols and is nude. She holds a Kartri in her right hand on level of head and holds a kapala filled with blood in her left. She carries a khattvanga staff surmounted by three skulls. She wears a garland of fifty severed heads and various gold ornaments. She has a small pig´s head above her right ear this hence her name Vajravarahi. She is the essence of the five kinds knowledge, and is the embodiment of the Sahaj pleasure.

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